National Championship 2012: Mistral RTA (Marajj x Maraa)

ANC Aachen (c)

It was a pleasant surprise to see Mistral RTA, Maraa’s first born, winning the German National Championship 2012 Colt foals. When we gave young Maraa to Stud Osterhof, we have been certain they would allow her to develope her potential as its best. Now Maraa is the dam of the German National Champion colt foal!

From the beginning, we have been firmly convinced of the idea combining the successful and expressive sire lines of Padron with Balaton. Therefore we gave the Arabian stallion Vergil (El Amin/Virginia II) another try and… Another success: Pharaa was born. Beautiful and cool like Maraa. Our Pharaa is the heart of our little horse family.

We would like to express our warmest congratulations to Mistral RTA’s owners Stud Osterhof, Germany and Red Tail Arabains, USA.

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